Home and School

The Home and School at Barton Rural is about bringing the Home and the School together. 
As with any Home and School we organise fundraising to support our children by raising money for the things at school that are the icing on the cake. Things that the Ministry of Education doesn’t fund school for. 
We have a hard working group of busy parents who are energetic, and motivated with lots of different ideas for raising funds. We have short meetings usually an hour long every first Tuesday of every month. We love having new faces at our meetings and look forward to any new ideas parents have, whether it be fundraising or social gatherings.

The current office bearers and committee members of the Home & School for 2013 are:

Chairperson: Rachel Cunningham

Secretary: Leanne Bennett
Treasurer: Lisa McCully
Committee: , Leanne Bennett, Deanna Maclean, Tania Crowe, Shirley Craig, Rod Hurley  and Anna Miller (Principal).

Examples of where funds have been shared with our children during 2012.
OE week - all classes
Sports Equipment
Netball Uniforms
Big Day at the Bay - Mrs Whippey, sausages, drinks, chips and buses
Extras for classrooms

As money gets tighter within schools and items become more expensive it is important that our Home and School support the school with a range of programmes. Please come along and share with us as we FUN and FUND Raise to make life even better for our children.

During the 2011/12 year our major project was the Swimming Pool which I am sure you will agree is amazing and is now well used by the school and the broader community.