Interviews and Reports

At Barton Rural we use a range of means to report about student progress and achievement.

We use National Standard information to report about Reading, Writing and Mathematics - these skills are to be used and enhanced ACROSS the curriculum.

We also use Learning Journals that include work samples and student comments to show case progress and work ethic - this may connect to our being Ready, Willing and Able learners.

Student Voice is an essential ingredient when sharing our learning pathways. Akonga at BRS are all able to talk to and share with whanau learning pathways and next steps.

Celebration of learning takes place through classroom and school displays as well as Performance Assemblies and other opportunities.

The writtten report timeline changes dependent upon your birthday if you are in Years 1, 2 or 3. If your child in in Years 4-8 there will be a 'interim' or midpoint report that shares where the learning is in regards to progress towards the National Standard. At the end of year the report identifies where the learning is against the National Standard.

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Conferences have a information gathering and goal setting.

Term 1 Week 10
Interim and NS reports home for some Year 1,2,3 children
Term 2 Week 10
Year 4 - 8 interim NS reports go home
Interim and NS reports home for some Year 1,2,3 children
Mid Term 3 three way Learning conferences
Term 3 Week 10 Interim and NS reports home for some Year 1,2,3 children
Term 4 Week 10
Year 4- 8 National Standard report
Interim and NS reports home for some Year 1,2,3 children
Written reports for junior children is often a messy process - all children should, receive 2 written reports during their year. For those in Years 1,2 and 3 - these reports will be sometime near their birthday and the half year mark.
Each child also has a celebration journal. We are working to make this journal as real as possible - not always 'pretty' work but the work with the warts and all. It is from this we are able to celebrate our learning -

Of course, the formalised reporting is only a small aspect of our contact with whanau - at all times please come and chat - we are wanting to celebrate the work of our kids - they've worked hard and need to share their success.
We believe that for learning to be its most effective there needs to be an element of challenge - if it's too easy we're not learning anything at all.