Parent Concerns

From time to time we all have questions or concerns. Please come and talk. Miscommunication is often the grounding of issues. In the first instance talk to your child's teacher - remember also that Anna is also available to talk through any thoughts or ideas. If we don't know of something we can't work to make it better.   We do take our 'open door' policy seriously - come and chat - come early and chat!

If you would like a copy of our complaints procedure come and ask at the office or there is also a copy in the downloads section.

We also appreciate hearing the positives! – We all perform better when someone tells us that we’ve got it right!

Handy Hints
1. If you have a concern or query - come and chat - the earlier the better.

2. Approach the teacher with your concern when they are not teaching, about to teach or on duty.

3. Most concerns are about miscommunication

4.We are all here to make it better for your child.

5. Talk to the concern rather than the feelings behind it -

6. If a staff member has concerns regarding your child - please remember they are doing this because they CARE! 

7.  Remember that there are two sides to every story.

8. If you have concerns regarding another child you MUST approach the school, NOT the child.

9. Be positive = adult conversation should remain adult conversation

Concerns and issues are always treated in confidence, however in the interests of natural justice, the person about whom the concern is made, must also have the opportunity to hear all details about the concern and reply to it!