Relationship Development

 We are adopting a relationship development outlook to our school culture. What kind of people do we want our kids to be? How can we as a school help them become that person?
We believe it is essential to teach children social and emotional skills; sometimes the world is a little tough and we need to have a toolkit of abilities to ride out these storms.
We want our kids to be equipped to deal with a variety of situations but mostly importantly to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do - rather than doing the right thing because someone is watching over me. (and I may get a speeding ticket)

We are actively acknowledging our kids when they do the right thing and now have BRS disks that are part of our house challenges.
When things go wrong we are all learning about restorative practice and how can the wrong doer make up for the break down in the relationship - how can we make sure that this doesn't happen again. Each party gets a chance to talk through the process.

Our school guidelines are "To be SAFE, KIND & FAIR"
More will be added to this page as time goes by - with some ideas of sorting out issues at home - often between siblings - something that we have all encountered at some time.