School Donation & Activity Fees

The Government, through a series of grants, meets the cost of some items in a school. These include staff salaries, the power bill, building maintenance, cleaning supplies, telephone charges and text books. Extras, such as additional books for the library, sports equipment, visual aids, new computers etc. can not always be bought using the operational grant and can be funded by the school community.

However to assist funding for the school, a Levy of $90 per child is set or $180 per family. This can be paid throughout the year, (but preferably due in the first term) and may be paid in instalments if you wish. These donations are reduced to $80 and $160 if paid in the first term.

Did you realise that you receive 1/3 of this back with your tax as this is a donation. This money makes a major difference to the quality and quantities to the programmes we can offer in the school.

Year 7/8 students have technology fees which are sent by account. Please note these are not a donation and do need to be paid for the child to participate in the full programme.

We also have an activity fee for E.O.T.C activities which is needs to be paid to allow us to participate in Life Ed , KiwiCan, Outside Performers and local visits.