We are very lucky to have the use of the school pool and can ensure an exciting and profitable swimming programme for the children. Children will be required to have their togs everyday, no matter what the weather for the first six weeks of the first term and from mid October in the fourth term.
In 2012 the Home and School committee made significant renovations to the pool which has given us an attractive pool to use to its full capacity.

The following are rules for the use of the swimming pool:
1. The school property is a central, well equipped site for community use. Many of the facilities have been provided by community fund raising.
2. Barton Rural School has the sole use of the pool during school hours.
3. Swimming Pool to be open to the community outside school hours from 10:00am to 9:00pm
4. Primary School/Intermediate School aged children to be supervised by an 18+ year old.
5. Secondary School aged children to be supervised at the discretion of their parents.
6. No diving from Swimming Pool coping, steps or pool cover roller system.
7. No dunking or splashing.
8. No running in the pool area.
9. No climbing fences.
10. Floating aids only allowed as recreational equipment.
11. No animals allowed in the pool enclosure.
12. Pool cover to be removed before anyone enters the pool.
13. Anyone found breaking the rules after one warning will be banned from using the pool for one week. Continual abuse could result in the child being banned for the season. Action will be initiated by a Board Member.
14. Barton Rural School takes no liability for accidents outside school hours.
15. Keys will be issued to community members at the beginning of each swimming season at a cost to be settled at the beginning of each swimming season. Key holder is responsible for their key.
16. We expect the community to respect and not abuse this excellent facility.