Room 4

“Welcome to Room 4”.

This is what you hear when you come into Room 4 as we try to make everyone welcome and included. We are a happy group of 25 Year 4 and 5 students who keep trying to do our best and earn points for our class charts. We have two teachers. Mrs Hurley is our teacher but Mrs Miller (our Principal) comes in regularly to teach us maths and take us swimming because Mrs Hurley goes to teach Reading Recovery. Mrs Miller knows a lot about maths and makes it really fun for us. Mrs Hurley likes to crack jokes (but sometimes they don’t work out). We do awesome acting with Mrs Hurley and we laugh a lot when we are doing it. We show respect to each other and are willing to give everything a go. We believe we are Ready, Willing and Able in Room 4. We are confident to come up with new ideas and show our curiosity. Mrs Hurley shares an office with Mr Inkster, the Room 5 teacher, and we predict that we will be doing lots of cool stuff with Room 5 during the year.