Room 5

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Room 5 is welcoming with our friendliness and get along well with our classmates. Room 5 is a place where you get treated with respect and warmth. Mrs Benson, our teacher, encourages us to do our best in everything we do. 

Mrs Benson makes us work to produce the best top quality work. Room 5 is a great place to work in and has a great personality. We take pride in our work.

We get rewards for the awesome work we do. We are really enthusiastic and really enjoy swimming, sports and hanging out. We all wear a smile and include others

Room 5 has been doing plenty of work around HEART and the 4 C’s – Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication.

 Term 1 2019  - Curious HEART

Term 1 is all about culture with special interest in the cultures and countries of Asia. We are also looking at the Treaty of Waitangi and its influence on the culture of New Zealand. 

Reading will be around our topic - culture and countries of Asia. 

Writing will be report writing.

Sport will be team sports with a look towards the Rippa competition plus swimming for swimming sports.

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Mt Cook Camp - last week of Term 1

What a great time we all had.


Term 2  - Curious HEART

 Our focus this term is around Volcanoes - what are they, where they form, the impact they have on those around them. 

Did you know that Lake Taupo was the biggest volcanic eruption in the last 5000 years?

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Term 3 - HEART of a Performer

Term 3 is the creative term - PRODUCTION!! Put your best foot forward and be in the production.

Well done to Harry and Fayth - both Player of the Year for their football clubs


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